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Why Progressive Web Apps

  • Users spend 3 times more time on PWAs than normal sites
  • Blazing fast experience - better performance means more revenue
  • 70% higher conversion rate via Add to Homescreen
  • Work reliably, no matter the network conditions
  • 40% higher re-engagement rate with Push Notifications
PWAs from scratch

Why host this workshop

The fastest and most efficient way to get your team up to speed with what PWAs can offer.


From A to Z

Attendees will learn everything about PWAs from the ground up, all the way to building a real-life application.


Design & Code

Don't leave your designers behind. We tackle both UX design and development to benefit the entire team.


Public & Private

Wether you're a tech conference or a private company, this workshop is tailor-made for your needs.


Trusted by

ABN Amro Fronteers Webstep Anghami

An extract of this workshop was presented at Google Poland in Warsaw

Get to know the coach

Jad Joubran

Jad Joubran

Expert in Web Performance

I'm a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional & independent web consultant. Check out my website as well as my JavaScript, React & Programming courses.

What people are saying

Developers who took this training

Thanks a million for having the session. It was a pleasure for us and our devs, too.

Organizers at Google Poland

Excellent, the info provided was exactly what I was looking for. The best workshop I ever had.

Attendee at Fronteers 2020

Very professional!

I like the direction and the whole why and how certain stuff needs to be done.

Attendee at Fronteers 2020

Well done Jad! I was really impressed with the quality of the workshop. Slides were very clear and also useful to look up things later. Live coding helped to memorize better.
Presentation was very clear. We went through a lot of terrain but still it was fun as well. I could see a lot of preparation went into this.
I left the workshop: let's build a nice PWA!

Attendee at Fronteers 2019

One of the best, and most intense, workshops I have attended. Excellent case with the banking app we updated during the workshop.

Attendee at Webstep

Great workshop! I learned a lot, and picked up quite a few tricks. I enjoyed the discussions that emerged while trying out things, and feel better suited for working with more confidence on my next web project.

Attendee at Webstep

This workshop truly opened up my mind to the new possibilities on the Web. I can't wait to build a Progressive Web App with my team for our next project.

Attendee at ABN Amro Beyond Banking

What I liked the most about this workshop is the step by step approach. I started with a simple website and at the end I made it work offline and it's really fast!

Attendee at ABN Amro Beyond Banking

We used to hear about all of these PWA terms without knowing what they really do. Now we know what's all about and we're already enjoying building our PWA at work.

Aziz Antoun, Web Lead at Anghami

Excellent workshop - even went well beyond just building PWAs. I really appreciated the depth of the content, and the focus on the fundamentals.

Attendee at Atlanta